About Us

We're Ralph's

We want to solve that age-old problem, making clean healthy foods, taste delicious. It is a big task, we know, but we think may have just cracked this nut. Our premium raw gourmet honey, our super clean range of smooth and creamy nut butters and our insanely delicious Unbelievable nut-butter Brownies, make eating well, a piece of cake.

 Meet our Founder 

In his effort to shed some pounds and get healthier,  Ralph Joudet, CEO and Founder, landed on the Keto diet. Results came faster than expected. However, the now slimmer, more energetic and younger looking Ralph; quickly realised that to sustain it all, he needed to find premium protein-rich minimally processed foods with no refined oils, sugars or added nasties. The second requirement was to find products that utilised the amazing abundance of superior nuts and fruits in the region. The search proved largely fruitless. Out of this very frustration, Ralph’s Gourmet Foods was birthed, now a staple in the pantries of its’ discerning customers across the region.


Roasted to Perfection

 Freshness has always been a priority at Ralph’s. It’s exactly why we pride ourselves on sourcing from smaller farms within the MENA region only. Closer proximity to the source, means shorter transit times and fresher ingredients. Our proprietary roasting process guarantees a fresh, creamy and true-to-nature taste. No added anything means you can include your family’s favourite nut butters with complete confidence into recipes and menus, whether it is part of targeted diet plan or for the everyday school lunchbox.

The Unbelievable Brownie

A feat we thought unachievable in the beginning, finally melded together in one golden square of ultra-gooey, decadent and perfectly rich brownie – the Unbelievable Brownie. Packed with the unmistakably good and wholesome nut butter flavours, our aim with the Unbelievable Brownie was to bring a delectable dessert to our gym fans, kids and conscious eaters  using our beloved  and most popular nut butters. This dessert is not only protein-rich, low in carbs and free of anything other than pure whole ingredients, it’s also delicious, flavourful and supremely wholesome.  We’ve made sure it comes in all the nut butters flavours you’ve grown to love here at Ralph’s. A treat that is quite frankly – unbelievable!